Saturday, May 30, 2020


 Have you ever made a date you were really looking forward to? You get your hair and nails done and even buy a new dress just for the occasion. The day of, the minutes can’t tick away fast enough to the designated hour. Finally you’re dressed and ready to go when you get a call or worse yet a text, the person you’re meeting is running late. Instantly, your elation sours to disappointment as you realize you now have to wait. After an hour you get another text, “Be patient, I promise I’m coming.” A half an hour passes before you’re hysterical, “where are you?” Minutes fly by with no reply, despite their earlier assurance you begin loosing your composure as doubt settles in. They’re not coming; you’ve been stood up.


Patience is truly a virtue, especially if you wish to be in God’s will. Sometimes it is His desire that you wait: wait for further instruction, wait for Him to clear the way before you, wait without any explanations just wait. 



“Therefore I will look unto The Lord; I will wait for The God of my salvation: my God will hear me (Micah 7 vs. 7)”


After I graduated college (read my story here), I spent nearly two years unable to find work. During the spring semester prior to graduating, I quit my retail job of years; positive I’d be able to find employment without difficulty. I had a promise from The Lord, a good grade point average, made the Dean’s list six semesters, completed an internship, and I was involved in a pilot. If a network didn’t pick it up I’d still be fine, it would only be a short matter of time before the next great opportunity presented itself. I definitely wasn’t worried about being able to get a job. A month after graduation I still hadn’t received any word about my show, so I began applying for positions in my field of study (Television/ Radio production). When weeks passed by with not even an interview I began looking for employment as an office assistant or receptionist. Again days turned into weeks bringing no job offers. I didn’t want to go back to retail, I’d been working sales since the age of fifteen and hated it, but I was now desperate. Still, I had some standards left consequently I limited my applications to sales associate positions at high-end boutiques. If I knew nothing else, I knew how to sell clothes, getting hired wouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t want to do retail but I could, with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back.


To my utter disbelief, dozens of applications later, I didn’t have a single request for an interview. At the time, my brother in law was working for Jimmy Choo as a human resources director; through some string pulling he got me a meeting for a sales position. On my first interview since graduating college (about a year earlier), I was charming, effervescent, and desirable. I know this because the interviewer said as much, while explaining the reason he wasn’t going to hire me; they were looking for someone with more experience in luxury fashion. I was surprised at how disappointed I was over not getting a job I didn’t even want. In tears, I questioned why, with my qualifications and experience, was I unable to get a job. On social media I saw all my peers moving forward starting careers meanwhile I felt stagnant. That was the first time in my life I experienced bone deep soul gripping sadness. My family and I had gone through many adversities but I never felt defeated, not even when we went days without a proper meal. No matter what we were going through I remained hopeful because I knew it was temporary, things were going to change for us. Broke, unemployed, and without hope I finally stopped waiting for better to come.


I retreated from the outside world shutting myself up inside my room, inside my own head. I was about as upset as I was sad, why was this happening to me? Where was God’s promise, why couldn’t I hear Him? I begged, pleaded, cried, and screamed yet still, I received no answer. I didn’t know what to think which allowed all kinds of negative thoughts to flood my consciousness. Too emotionally burdened to identify the lies of the enemy I accepted them as truth, until New Years Eve. I attended church expecting a blessed service but not expecting The Spirit of The Lord to speak to me. It was indeed God’s will that I hadn’t found work. Before I quit my job, I was working full time, carrying a six-class course load, and interning thirty plus hours a week. I lived that way for years and it had taken a toll on my body, now it was God’s will that I repose. 


In my sorrow I stopped believing God was on His way to help me but The Lord is never a minute too early or a minute too late. In God’s timing, roughly two tears post graduation I got a job. Although not the one I wanted it was the job I needed, but that’s a story for another post.


My mom always says I took my first step, talked, and potty-trained so quickly that she can’t remember when. I’ve been like that my entire life, racing through the present to get to the future but “this is the day that The Lord has made.” Hurrying up to wait has been a struggle for me but I’m grateful for it because The Lord is in the wait. I can’t say I’m perfect, I won’t even say I’m good, but I will say, God has taken me a long way from the person I used to be and a lot of my transformation happened in the wait.


Sometimes obedience means simply waiting in faith. Are you in a season of waiting, has doubt taking the helm of your faith? Whenever you feel discouraged or fed up be assured, God is not restrained or limited by time. He has the authority to do everything without limitation. God has already been to where He’s leading you and prepared the way. Just have faith, allow the work that needs to be done within you to happen, and never stop praying never stop believing.


“But they that wait upon The Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint (Isaiah 40 vs. 31).”


Are you in ‘the wait’ having trouble being still? I’d love to hear your testimonies and comments below.

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