Sunday, May 31, 2020

Introducing: Six Years And A Quarter Way Through


I’ve always believed the greatest pains give birth to the most beautiful things. Like a coal under pressure, a woman in labor, and the crucifixion of Jesus, all birth life’s greatest treasures. Two years ago during a time in my life where I was determined to remain faithful though undeniably in distress, I began writing my debut novel, Six Years And A Quarter Way Through. What started off as a means to alleviate my burdened spirit turned into my greatest joy. Twenty Years after I first said I would, I was writing a book; A book, which loosely tells my story while encouraging other young believers to stay the course no matter the difficulty.   


Leah Albanese is a twenty six year old Christian woman in the midst of a quarter life crisis. Her adult life, which started off promising, has stalled causing her to question her faith. It was easy to be sure of God when things were trouble- free but less so while enduring a dry season. At the height of her disparagement when she’s all but given up she meets Trenton Shaw. Trenton is beautiful, successful, powerful, and willing to make all her dreams come true. All Leah has to do is everything she always said she wouldn’t.


“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul (Matthew 16 Vs. 26)?”


Leah is frustrated with her life and desperate for a change, she’s stopped believing God will cause. Desperate people do desperate things, including ignore their better judgment. Leah travels down a path she thinks will make all her wildest dreams a reality but what good is all that if she can’t be proud of how she got it? At the center of Leah’s internal struggles is this question of what she wants and how: God’s will, His way, and in His time or fast and nefarious success? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be blessed and successful but those things should never come at the price of moral compromise.


Waiting in the desert is the best measure of someone’s faithfulness; will he or she preserver in obedience or let impatience grow into rebellion? In my first post, the promise before the process, I talk about how excited I was when God’s promise came into my life but that excitement quickly soured. When it didn’t happen the next day or the day after, doubt and impetuousness took over. I certainly made some rash decisions fueled by despair but thankfully God is gracious and compassionate. With help from an unexpected friend, some tough love, and a reoccurring nightmare Leah discovers even when you leave God, He doesn’t leave you.  


Six Years And A Quarter Way Through is a story of faith lost, faith found. A reminder that the road back home is never too far to travel, that your soul is priceless, to stand guard against the enemy of your soul, and to trust God to care for you in the wilderness even and most especially when it’s most difficult too.


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