Eight years ago, I had a crisis of faith. I never ceased to believe in the Lord but I did have to come to a decision on how I would believe. Was I going to forsake myself to serve God the way He wants or would I continue to persist in an egocentric devotion?


I found myself at an impasse: I had gotten as far as I could go on believing in the existence of God and standing in the church once a week, all the while living as I wanted.


I wailed, screamed, prayed, bargained, and pleaded to be blessed. As a recent college graduate, a capable young woman, and a believer I could not understand why I was struggling for financial freedom, professional success, and happiness. Then The Spirit of The Lord answered me with divine instruction.


“But Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6 vs. 33


It wasn’t the response I imagined or quite frankly wanted, so I did what most of us do when someone says something we don’t like; I ignored it. I even tried to convince myself I didn’t hear what I did but “someone” was The Lord and His word will never return to Him void of effect.


Plunged into depression, spiritually weak from an apathetic disposition, and unable to progress in life I was confronted by His Spirit once again.


“I love you and I’m prepared to bless you, but as a parent, who is responsible for their child’s needs ask only for their obedience in return, I ask the same of you.”


That was the day I decided once and for all to live for Christ, not only spiritually, in every way. No more would I compartmentalize my beliefs, acknowledging God only in conversations of faith, I would praise HIM in all areas of my existence. I stopped making choices without consulting God yet asking HIM to bless them. In my speech, dress, conduct, desires, in all things I would seek His wisdom, His righteousness, His way.


I didn’t know it at the time but The Lord has been preparing me to spread the gospel through my story, authored by Him. Six Years and A Quarter Way Through, my first novel, was written to reach those millennials struggling to reconcile their faith with living in this secular world.


Like apostle Paul, I consider myself to be one of the worst of sinners, though highly blessed and favored to know God’s mercy and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. What I’ve learned in my years on this planet is: we all fall short of the glory of God but redemption is always only a plea to Jesus away. We all must take an individual journey to and with Christ; I hope to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way with you.


I’m Cassandre Brissot a Brooklyn, New York native, a writer, one stepping into their purpose, and a redeemed of The Lord.


This is My Story His Way.





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