Saturday, August 29, 2020

When God tells you to look beyond what the eyes can see

setting sky when God calls you to look beyond what the eyes can see


“Are you open,” asked the tall and wide man filling the entire doorway of the boutique. Despite the ball of anxiety unfurling in the pit of my stomach I smiled at him and replied, “yes. Why don’t you come on in?” The moment the words left my mouth the man began speaking blessings over my life (read more about my story here). I couldn’t believe that this man, who at first sight inspired fear in me, was now speaking life into me. I remember that day now and thank God that He hadn’t allowed me to respond to the gentleman the way my eyes dictated I do. If I had, I would’ve missed out on a blessing. That experience got me thinking though. How many times have we missed out on something special God had in store for us because we didn’t receive the messenger or because we didn’t like the packaging?