Saturday, May 30, 2020

Get Back UP!!


My five-year-old niece is an adventurous leader. Before she could walk she ran, which made for a lot of falling. Sometimes she got right back up but other times she needed to be picked up, dusted off, and set back on her feet. There was one time in particular when she wasn’t being careful while walking down the stairs, she fell- hard. She got up but slowly feeling the pain of the tumble. Hours after the fall it became clear my niece was more hurt than we thought. Glory be to God, at the doctor’s office it was determined she was fine; with rest she would be as good as new. And she has been: she’s bright, beautiful, precocious, and a great spiritual lesson; we all fall down but we must get back up. 


 Have you ever made a date you were really looking forward to? You get your hair and nails done and even buy a new dress just for the occasion. The day of, the minutes can’t tick away fast enough to the designated hour. Finally you’re dressed and ready to go when you get a call or worse yet a text, the person you’re meeting is running late. Instantly, your elation sours to disappointment as you realize you now have to wait. After an hour you get another text, “Be patient, I promise I’m coming.” A half an hour passes before you’re hysterical, “where are you?” Minutes fly by with no reply, despite their earlier assurance you begin loosing your composure as doubt settles in. They’re not coming; you’ve been stood up.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Three Ways God taught me humility

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, He had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So He began teaching them many things (Mark 6 vs. 34).”



I took the same class for ten years. Before you start asking yourself, how is that possible, allow me to explain. It was the kind of course that had a three-part final examination: the lab, written exam, and practical. The first time I took the test I failed all three parts, later I’d pass the lab but not the written or practical. Then I passed the written but not the practical or lab, and so on so forth. I came really close to dropping it until the professor, an incredibly kind and very patient man, spoke to me. He didn’t shame me about failing His class repeatedly instead He was encouraging. After talking to him I realized, some things you get delivered from others you’re delivered through. There was no avoiding this class, I’d have to pass it to move forward, I would need what I’d learn for where I would go next.

The Promise before the process . . .


As a young child, my dream was to be the brightest of stars. I imagined being the leading lady in wildly successful movies, TV shows, plays, and joining the elite club of E.G.O.T. (Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, Grammy) recipients. I voiced this dream to very few people instead shared a more practical course, though I never truly tuned out the desires of my heart.